Sexuality. Sensuality. Alternative Lifestyles. Knowing limitless power and depth to the soul. Uncovering the past and discovering the future while living in the present all at the same time.

Let your fantasies take flight.  Here at Sensuality by Autumn, we will be your co-pilot to helping you explore the deepest recesses of your mind and bring to light healthy, safe ways to explore the deepest and darkest of fantasies.  Nothing to big or too small or too taboo to be discussed. 

Erotic Nightcaps is a weekly podcast discussing all aspects of sex, relationships, and alternative lifestyles. From swinging to kink to general questions about cheating and marriage, we cover it all.  Every week the four hosts talk about different aspects of life, relationships, and how to navigate them all while maintaining one’s sanity. 

The staff at Sensuality by Autumn takes a different approach to sexual health and wellness. By reuniting the spiritual and the sexual, persons are able to enhance all areas of their lives. The site utilizes a diverse variety of staff of writers and educators in different areas of expertise and fields to provide an overall more encompassing view of sex and relationship dynamics.


About Autumn

“Fuck me like the whore I will be, choke me like the slut I can be, spank me like the bitch I want to be, worship me like the Goddess I am.” ~Autumn Forrester-Light Sensuality by Autumn as a means to unlock the world of sexuality for many people who are still held captive. Birthed …

Evolution of a Polyamorous Woman

I wanted to write this not because there aren’t a ton of perspectives on polyamory out there. However, my perspective isn’t out there and I still think that I have something of value to offer. I think back to the beginning of when I looked back to wanting a polyamorous relationship bright-eyed and bushy-tailed missing …

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Autumn’s Bookshelf: Reveiwing the Writer

  There are a few things about writing that they don’t teach you. A writer can attend all of the best schools and greatest conferences and meet the best of the best authors, but they don’t teach you how to be comfortable bearing your soul naked to the world.   As a writer, one must …

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EN #3: Open Relationships Vs. Cheating

In an interesting dialogue, Jaun Jose, the Kinky Sista, and Strawberri Jynx discuss various aspects of open relationships. From jealousy and cheating to trust and polyamory we talk about all types of things related to sex and relationships. http://www.sensualitybyautumn.com/wp-content/uploads/eroticnightcaps/20141102-en.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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RnB ThrowBax #6: Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson

A groovy review from the Kinky Sista, Strawberri, and Jaun Jose of Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson http://www.sensualitybyautumn.com/wp-content/uploads/rnbthrowbax/20141102-janet.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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