I have not the words to say
to begin to describe the way that I feel
the things that have happened to me feel
the unreal embrace the unnatural and enjoy the unparallel
to the things that I have known in the past
I love with a freedom that I have never known
a joy that seems to have grown
deep inside me and encouraged me to love
and to enjoy the newness that is us
You love me especially different
from everyone in the past
different from the last
man to grace these walls
and penetrate the defenses
bringing me closer to my senses
to see the depth of your eyes
to feel your hands on my hips
to smell the scent of your body
to taste the kisses off your lips
to hear the depth of your voice
a deep baritone
and fall prisoner every time
to the smell of your cologne
and yet every time I see you
I feel my self
falling deeper in love with you
and your natural charm
your manliness
even the strength in your arms
to protect me from harm
you are my knight and my castle
my king and my pawn
I enjoy being your queen
the light in your darkness
there until the dawn

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