Intimacy for One: Baltimore Edition

Intimacy for One: Baltimore Edition

Charm City. The city that reads. Home of the Wire. Home of the Ravens and the Orioles. Bird city. Baltimore. All of these titles are ways to describe Baltimore but when it comes to sex and relationships, there aren’t always a lot of different things to do….unless one knows where to look. This is the local edition of Intimacy for one. Taking a step back and talking about four different things there are to do around the city that a) won’t blow the budget and b) promote a way to get closer with one’s self without a partner.

Baltimore is home to some of the most charming sites. One of the most popular and favorite places to visit is the Inner Harbor. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Inner Harbor, that has to be expensive.” Well not necessarily. Many of the restaurants and attractions on the Harbor can be expensive but a nice stroll around the harbor without a significant other enjoying the sights and people watching is a way to spend quality time. During the school year, Baltimore Aquarium often times has Fridays after 5 where after 5pm the cost of admission is significantly reduced (Check local listings for times and prices). Strolling aimlessly through the harbor without a care in the world has been a great way to spend an afternoon or even and evening but its not the only way. It is easily Accessible by MTA bus and the FREE Charm City Circular (Purple, Green (coming soon) or Orange Route)

Fells point and Little Italy have some great low-cost restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes. Going out on a date alone is the #1 way to increase intimacy for one. There are great Italian, Mexican, Seafood, etc. restaurants that offer a variety of different foods for different budgets. The goal of this kind of dinner is not to engage in conversation with anyone else but to enjoy being alone without the hassle of being with someone else. Take a moment to sip some wine (or any favorite beverage) and just relax take in the sites of Fells point. It is easily Accessible by MTA bus and the FREE Charm City Circular (Orange Route).

Personally, I love classical music. Peabody conservatory located in Historic Mount Vernon is a great place to go to hear wonderful music from the next generation of musical talent and it’s great for budget conscious consumers. These aspiring young artists cater to a variety of instruments and tastes across the spectrum. Mount Vernon Park is also another lovely place to enjoy the sites of this wonderful City. Easily Accessible by MTA bus and the FREE Charm City Circular (Purple Route), Mount Vernon is a great place to relax and enjoy the Walters Art Museum, a great day at the park near the monument, or music by some of America’s best and brightest.

Based on the list from last time, exercising is also another great way to reduce stress and increase intimacy with oneself. In Baltimore there are two great places to exercise that are completely free: Druid Hill Lake and Lake Montebello. Both lakes are great for low impact running or walking to increase one’s physical fitness and decrease stress. Whether single parent or not, it is good to do some exercising to help clear the mind and lower the body’s risks for stress related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. These two lakes are open year round and great places to enjoy some of the beauty of nature that is in Baltimore City.

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