Reasons that we’re here

No, it’s not just a cheesy song title. In this period of reflection, I have gone over my previous relationships and realized that everyone has a reason for being there. Whether it’s long or short lived it still matters none the less. There is no reason for me to continue to let the people of the past hurt me because he or she has moved on and is no longer thinking about me. I continue to give him or her power over my life by harboring the guilt of being duped, the pain that they caused, and the fear that it will happen again. Truth of the matter is, I should be thanking him because without that pain, I wouldn’t value what I do have. I would not have been as strong as I am now. Sure there are other ways to teach the lessons of life but each of our lives are customized for us. No matter how many times someone tells you the stove is hot, you didn’t realize it until you were burned, and thus through the pain of being burnt, you learned to avoid heat from the stove. This doesn’t mean that one should go looking for hurt or pain recklessly but that we should appreciate the joys and pains of life. They all serve a purpose. Each person that we come in contact with even those who mean us ill will and harm, serve a purpose in our life.

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