Exploring Your Sexuality, Part 1

Exploring your sexuality
Whatever your sexuality is; think about it, find it, love it, and shout it to the world.
I notice in talking to women and experiencing life as a woman that there are several levels of sexuality and in this series of writings. I will share my observations, poems, thoughts, and stories.
This is no way an educational thesis to be taken as fact. It is only my point of view as a sexually active black women living in the new millennium in the United States of America
First I’ll introduce to the different types of sexuality.
  • The Church Girl: She is saving herself for marriage. This young one is doing all the things she was taught in church, by her parents, and society. Sex is not public nor should it be discussed. She is probably not on this website or reading this article.
  • The Green Girl: she knows some things about sex. She has had one or two lovers and is really waiting for Mr. Right to explore all the sexual things she sees in movies or reads about in books. She may even have a friend or two that is more experienced. She is a little more curious than the church girl.
  • The Sexual Know It All: This girl has seen every movie, she has read every sexually explicit urban fiction book on the shelf, she is aware of all the new sexual trends and toys all to be ready when Mr. Right arrives. She may even have a maintenance man or a starting lineup… (We will get to those explanations later)
  • The Sexual Kitten (Flirt): This girl is fully aware of her sex appeal at all times; she knows how to work it to her advantage. This girl is pussy savvy. She knows the power of the pussy and how it can get any man OR woman to give you what you want and or need. This girl does not even have to give it up to get it. She is well on her way to finding pleasure whenever she is ready. She usually lets out that sexy side for her one and only partner.
  • The Sexually Free Vixen: This is a woman after my own heart. She is a little of each of the others. She has knowledge, flirtatious tendencies, curiosity, and minimal inhibitions on her side. The Vixen has a maintenance man, a starting lineup and is free to do any random person she choosing that she meets along the way. This girl is willing to do anything and everything that is safe, sane, and consensual, in search of ultimate sexual pleasure.
  • The ALL OUT WHORE: She will do whatever it takes to get a nut. She will do herself, a stranger in the street, any object in the produce section of the grocery store. She will do man woman or child. Her focus is usually on pure physicality of sex or using sex as a means to get something tangible.
  • As we move along we will learn more about each of these women and how they interact with others and their sexuality. We will see them evolve like butterflies from one to the next. They grow, they change and some even stay the same.

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