Mission Accomplished

She laid before me a Goddess.  Her body glistened in the bright sunlight as it shown though the blinds. Full hips, lips, and breasts, I indulged my sights on the sweet wetness that was there for me.  I laid between her legs; I was nervous.  She caressed my face and I could feel the tension melting away.  “Don’t be afraid, little one. I will let you know.” I averted my attention to the task at hand.  Her lips full, clit engorged, and the wetness was accumulating. I took my time, inhaled the essence of her womanness.

I indulged my lips on hers.  Barely touching her clit I parted my lips and began to take the first taste. She tasted as good as she looked; my taste buds began to dance as I prepared them for another lick.  From the entry to the tip I liked the entire length of her womanhood.  My tongue gently parted her lips massaged her clit, slowly and methodically.  I explored her as her hand rested on the top of my head gently stroking my hair.  I finally heard it escape, the first moan.  It was like music to my ears.  Deep and earthy like she was feeling it in her very soul.

I continued on with my mission.  I allowed my tongue to explore her protruding clit more. I fondled it with the tip of my tongue and cupped my lips around it.  Gently sucking on it with my top lip I slid the hood back a little further completely exposing it to my warm wet mouth.  I flicked it slowly but steadily.  She began to moan more. This charged me and inspired me to press on with my mission.  I used my top lip to keep her clit exposed while running my tongue back and forth on her clit. Her breathing became labored.  Her moans became more frequent and her hand was pushing my head into her sweet wetness.  I lapped her up like a puppy to water.  I wrapped my arms around her legs. I pushed my face deeper sucking and licking on her clit, feeding myself on the essence of her being. Her legs tensed against my face.  Her thighs began to quiver and then I heard the most soul gratifying “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” known to man as it escaped her lips.  Her cum was on my lips.  I tasted her essence and I knew I had made her happy.

Mission accomplished.

© 2010

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