last night we made love

last night we made love

and i was flying

high in the sky

past the clouds


i feel weightless

i feel limitless

i feel less of me

and more of you with every smack

i don’t feel pain

i don’t feel hurt

i don’t feel the stress of my day

i feel the caress of your skin

the firmness of your hand

last night we made love

from sunset to the dawn

of a new era i felt the sensation


the angels in heaven rejoiced

at all the noize i was making

or maybe that was the neighbors complaining

but i aint just  thanking you

for the love you shared with me


last night we made love

and i sensed it all

i smelled the freshness of your cologne

light but masculine

i could see the dark carmel skin on mine

i felt the grip you hand firmly placed on my neck

and i

and i

and i

i was in heaven

floating some where between life and death

where nothing mattered

not rent

not car payments

not bills

not anything

i floated to a place where my existence

was another blessed event

and the angels rejoiced

in my presence

they rejoiced

to see me again


see last night we made love

and it was epic



beyond phenomenal

to the point i felt that i could see the stars

and begin to count them individually


and there i felt you like never before

i felt the weight of your body pressed against mines

i felt the warmth of your breath whispering “you’re mine”

i felt the firmness of the grip you placed on the collar

i felt the ball and gag so i wouldn’t holler

i felt every stroke of the paddle on my ass

i couldn’t think of another word (sorry to be so crass)

i felt the metal against my skin

i felt something new inside me begin

to unlock and unfold and become born

i felt you


and last night…. we made sweet love


© 2010


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