Labored Breaths

Labored breaths




Letting go

Of the day’s stressors


I feel your body succumb

To my breath

To my moistened blow

As I use my tongue

To bring to you ecstasy

Unparalled and Unknown

But all the while show

You the area

Beyond the horizon


Labored breaths

I see you peak

And you dare to speak

Utter the words that I do long to hear

And some how you have come to fear

Will be the end of the ride

But as you seem to realize

Its only the beginning of the high

That lies between your thighs

And explodes in a surprise

bouncing all over your skin

hearing you barely breathing


Labored breaths

With sharp, tense breaths

and fluid movements

you begin to clench the sheets

as my tongue continually meets

the inner sacredness

“Hello, yoni, old friend

Its nice to see you again”

And its to no surprise

that she has no reply

save the babbling of you

and the fire in your eyes.


Labored breaths

I have to enjoy

Gazing upon the stars

And listening to your heart

Beat through the veins

That course through your body

And the rhythmic pounding

That pulls me into your soul

And has mysteries untold

The earth and stars cosmic constellations

Begin to form and explode beyond control

With every orgasm formed


Its with labored breaths

And the constant ebb

And flow of your dove

That I have come to love

and it moves me to


(c) 2010 AFL

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