Exploring your Sexuality: Promiscuity

“Fuck me like the whore I will be, choke me like the slut I can be, spank me like the bitch I want to be, worship me like the Goddess I am.”

~Autumn Forrester-Light


This is a quote that I am known for saying. So today’s topic is going to be the general concept of “promiscuity” in its most abstract sense.  Often people use the term slut, whore, bitch, etc as terms of a derogatory nature.  More recently, women especially those under the age of 35 are reclaiming these words as a part of their vernacular.  They are using them to describe themselves.  Many women have embraced the idea of being a “slut” or a “whore,” but overall, it is still not accepted in the general culture.

From Webster’s Online we define the following terms:


  1. composed of all sorts of persons or things
  2. not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate
  3. not restricted to one sexual partner
  4. casual, irregular

SLUT (n.)

1        chiefly British : a slovenly woman


  1. promiscuous woman; especially : prostitute
  2. saucy girl : minx

WHORE (n.)

  1. a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
  2. a male who engages in sexual acts for money
  3. a venal or unscrupulous person

One of the things that one will notice is that both the definition of slut and whore include the word promiscuous and promiscuous has such a broad definition that it can be used in a blanket sense.  Many people use it to describe (mainly women) those who are more liberal with their partner choice or sexual activities but often times that same standard is not held for their male counterparts.  Even in a society that is considerably more liberal than it was even 40 years ago, America has much farther to go in terms of its views on sexuality.  Women are even, in modern times, are expected to still be reserved, demure, and lady like.  Women who hold power positions are not looked at with the same set of competencies that men are.

So why write this post? Is this another pro-women’s post? Not necessarily.  I am not here to just bash the American culture or to say that we all need to adopt slut and whore as a part of our vernacular.  I am a proponent of people being non-judgmental of other people’s sexual preferences, orientations, and habits.  I believe that people should open their minds to the fact that just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean what he or she is doing is wrong; it just may not be for you.   We should accept people for who they are and not who we want them to be.  Whether that includes the shyer, more reserved, church going woman or the sexually liberal, open ended, club going woman.  Both are different and neither person is better or worse solely based on their sexual choices.

I am very tired of hearing “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” or some variation there of.  I have learned that men (mainly) want a woman who is sexually liberated and open minded but they don’t want someone who has a lot of sexual partners. To me, that’s like wanting someone who went to school to build cars but has never touched one.  Do you really want that person to be your mechanic?  I am not saying this to advocate recklessness but to say that people’s experiences are what make them unique and interesting.  Even sexually, people should open their minds to the possibility.  Well I’m hopping off my soap box for the evening.

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