Slut, the Verb

Slut, the verb

I am a slut.
In every sense of the word
I not only treat it as a noun
but a verb
I like to slut around
as I see fit
And enjoy all the privileges that
come with being enjoyed and being pleased
I enjoy being the flirt and being teased
as well as doing so much more
I enjoy being the self proclaimed whore
that I was designed to be
if you have a problem with that
maybe you should fuck with me.
I’m not intending to hide or deny who I am
I am proud to be a slut
I am proud to be me
I am proud to be a whore
I am proud to do all the things you think are too slutty
but he absolutely loves
he adores nothing more that craving his whore
his slut both in mind and spirit
he enjoys the things I do for him
and others if he sees fit
I enjoy being his slut because
I have risen above the mere word
and enjoyed turning slut into a verb.

© 2011 Autumn Forrester-Light

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