Politics of My Uterus

war-on-women-body-message-25-i-am-a-woman-with-a-sex-lifeSincerely, most people did not think that the two would really have a connection outside of the traditional sex scandal here and there. However, with recent legislations regarding contraception regulation in healthcare, the female uterus has become central to this debate.

Obama administration released legislation recently that indicates contraceptive coverage for women regardless of age, income, race, etc. This consequently upset religious leaders and employers who do not believe in contraception (namely the Roman Catholic Bishops) who feel that it is a violation of their religious right to not provide insurance that covers contraception.

Recent political debates have been incited between Republicans and Democrats over the right to cover contraception for women and consequentially men as well. Should employers be required to cover contraception for women regardless of health status? Are women’s reproductive choices a matter of employers concern?

Each year in Maryland, approximately 75,000 women unintentionally become pregnant. Of those pregnancies, about 36,000 end in abortions and 8,000 end in miscarriages. Hopkins students and many people feel that contraception regardless of gender is not a religious choice but just good preventative medicine. It prevents many unintended pregnancies that lead to premature births, low birth-weight babies and poor maternal health outcomes. And that is just the physical ramifications. There are also mental and emotional ramifications

Cardinal-designate Edwin F. O’Brien said in a strongly worded letter that the Archdiocese of Baltimore will not comply with federal law requiring churches to offer birth control coverage even it means dropping health insurance for its 3,500 employees. So they would rather completely drop any care for all of its employees both women and men than to offer coverage for birth control that their employees may not even utilize? Considering that there is surely a non-Catholic working for them, they are essentially removing that woman’s right to control her reproductive status and plan out her future as a mother.

Sigh, it’s election year…. and its nothing but politics of the uterus.

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