Discovering Fire

“Someday, after we have mastered the winds,the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness

for God the energies of love. Then, for the

second time in the history of the world, man

will have discovered fire.”

—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Tantric sex. Sacred sexuality. Spiritual sex. They are all different words for the practice known as tantra. However, it is not just about spiritual sex or sacred sexuality. Tantra, which is Sanskrit for weaving, is a more focused way to achieve the highest form of self through the unification of spirituality and sexuality. It is more than just a better way to achieve more intense orgasms or increase a connection with one’s partner. Tantra is the unification of the body and the soul through the channeling of energy with another.

As people place more emphasis on romantic love in, couples are finding newer and nontraditional ways to “rekindle” the flame of their romance to remain in love. At this day and age, many people are now committed to learning more about how to find love, create love, keep love, stay in love, rekindle love etc. There is a resurgence of people interested in the ancient practices that promote the essence of fire. This fire burns in all and when the proper conditions exist it will consume all in its path. The path of discovery is not one that is easy. Like anything that is worthy in life, it takes time and dedication. But once achieved, there is nothing like it on earth.

More and more in society does romance and finding “the one” come to the fore front of relationships and those who are relationship minded. Tantra is an eastern ancient spiritual practice. It is not a religion. In fact, people of all religions can practice tantra. Akin to yoga, it is something that people of all beliefs, walk, and faiths can practice. One does not need to renounce his or her faith but can use expound tantra on already pre existing notions and tenets of faith.

Tanta asserts that spirituality without the physical is simplistic, and that sex without the spiritual is superficial. Therefore, lovemaking in its truest sense is a strong medium for the spiritual formation and transformation. The spiritual disciplines of tantra are based upon integrating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Sexual intercourse is a form of enjoyment with which tantric energy is harnessed and used for spiritual means on the path to divine ecstasy. People are taught to deny themselves sexual pleasures because it is of a sinful nature. However there are very much ways to enjoy sexual experiences without being sinful or even defying their religious beliefs or moral laws.

All sex is not the same. Sex in its crudest form is merely focused on the physical gratification of self. Both persons treat the other as objects used for said gratification. It can be crude and somewhat competitive and violent. This type of sex is often used merely for pleasure of the self and creates a sense of compulsory competition between the partners. As one moves higher, the goals through out their sexual experience change. At its highest levels, sex is the exchange of energy between the lovers. Their mutual desire to please transforms into their openness to be pleased. They respect and adore one another as partners and align themselves closer to their divine self.

Recently there has been discussion of male orgasm without ejaculation. This may a new concept to those who are of Western traditions, but it is an ancient tradition in eastern philosophies with roots even in Judaic Law and Biblical concepts. In Leviticus 15, it speaks of the ‘Ritual of Atonement’ for a man who spills semen without the benefit of intercourse. Through out the Mosaic Law there is much regard for the potency and power of semen. In Hindu and Tantra, semen is regarded as a life force. Wasting it wastes physical and spiritual resources. Practically speaking, without ejaculation, sexual activity can be prolonged. By increasing the length of the connection between the lingam and the yoni (penis and vagina), it prolongs the connection and transfer of energy between lovers.

In Judaism, there is a concept kavanah, or ‘purity of heart’ as it is spoken of in other traditions where one’s intent makes all the difference. In Christianity, one must be of pure heart to receive salvation. Through the right intention one become unified with his or her God, they can receive the gift of spirituality because true spirituality is a gift not a given. Same tenets apply to tantra, where the intent or pureness of ones heart determines the experience to be shared between partners.

Sexuality and spirituality are not two conflicting themes but regarded can be regarded more as two sides of the same coin. Through practice and discipline one can achieve both the highest levels of spiritual and sexual satisfaction. It is in that age old maxim that “God made himself man that man might experience God.” In the discovery of fire, the essence and core of power in the earth, man can harness the energy of love for his God. In the discovery of sexuality, the essential to the core of the body of man, on can harness for his God a spiritual love for another that knows no comparison.

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