Tantric Fire

I am no guru. I am no master of the art of love. I have not profound words or of eloquent speech. I am, however, a student of life. I am committed to learning. I am committed to discovery and change. I am committed to the art of fire, that burning intensity that resides in us all. I discovered tantra for myself a year ago and honestly it has somewhat changed the way I see sex and my sexual lifestyle. I have found myself having more pleasurable sex. I have found myself having some of the most pleasurable sex ever. Through meditation and dedication, I have found great pleasure in words and even just thoughts. I have achieved orgasms with out touch at all. It’s an amazing thing to achieve the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction driven solely on thoughts.

I can only imagine what it was like when man discovered he could make fire. As the quote would suggest, there is a powerful element that resides inside of all of us. Now that we have mastered wind: by flying, waves and tides: through sailing, and gravity: through space exploration, we find ourselves more committed to love and relationships. At this day and age, many people are now committed to learning more about how to find love, create love, keep love, stay in love, rekindle love etc. There is a resurgence of people interested in the ancient practices that promote the essence of fire. This fire burns in us all and when the proper conditions exist it will consume all in its path. The path if discovery is not one that is easy. Like anything that is worthy in life, it takes time and dedication. But once achieved, there is nothing like it on earth.

From tantra, I have learned that sex and spirituality does not have to be constantly at odds with one another. There generally in most religions, a chasm between sexuality and spirituality. People are taught to deny themselves sexual pleasures because it is of a sinful nature. However there are very much ways to enjoy sexual experiences without being sinful or even defying their religious laws. For example, in Christianity, it is sinful to engage in sex with someone who is not your spouse. That doesn’t mean that sexually you can’t have a great sexual experience. I find tantra to be a healthy addition to any sexual practices that can enhance the relationship by integrating some of the same spiritual practices with ones sexual practices. Its not just sacred sex or spiritual sex, but it invites the practitioner to expound on his or her sexual experience by opening the mind, body, and senses to all the pleasures of the universe.

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