Energy of the Elements

The Four Elements of Health and Wellness

Stress and change are inevitable in our lives. Our ability to cope with stress, change, personal concerns, work and everything that we do is determined by our overall level of wellness. How one describes wellness can be divided into four basic elements.

Physical Health and Wellness (Earth)

The earth is the essence in which people are. It is the basic grounding and the physical space in which they live. Physical wellness is akin to tied to the earth energy in that it helps to ground and focus the person for taking care of the rest of the system. The earth is an essential extension of the person and people often feel connected to the natural system. Earth energy is solid and grounding. Physical wellness is the basis for all other wellness. People think physical health when speaking on wellness mainly because it is visible. When talking about physical wellness, there are a three essential and well-known factors, sound nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest. The body needs fuel from the earth to maintain itself. Regular exercise helps to keep healthy and can be relaxing to reduce stress. Adequate rest is necessary to maintain the entire system. In order to rest one must be able to relax and get the proper sleep. Whether its five hours or ten, the amount of rest depends on the natural cycle of the person.

Emotional and Social Health and Wellness (Fire)

Fire is an energizing and a charging energy that can put life into a person. It consumes us and when the fire is well lit it can be quite peaceful. Emotions are like fire in that when they are balanced, there is warmth that radiates from their energy. When the fire is not tended to it will die out or become a raging flame that can be impossible to contain. Emotionally healthy people express themselves in a positive way without making others feel defensive. Their energy warms them and others making them desirable to be around and people find their energies recharged when being around that person. Maintaining a healthy fire, warming energy, requires one to be clear, concise, assertive, and understanding. Healthy expressing maintains an emotionally balanced person and reduces mood swings. It is also important to keep a sense of humor about people and life in general; this balances some of the coolness of fire with the warming energy. Social health is another type of fire energy that is based on relationships with other people: family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Sharing feelings, joys and burdens are very important to overall wellness. Fire likes fire. Warm people want to be around other warm people. A person with a warm energy will find that people naturally gravitate to them and that forms the basis of a healthy support system. Friends and family help to recharge a person’s energy much the same way that that person helps to recharge others.

Intellectual Health and Wellness (Water)

The way we think, feel, and act are all interconnected. Intellectual health is based, in part, on the ability to see something positive in any situation. Remember to use the power of positive thinking. To optimize intellectual health, avoid: irrational beliefs; all-or-nothing thinking; jumping to conclusions; blaming yourself or others for negative events; and “if only” and “what if” thought patterns.

Spiritual Health and Wellness (Air)

Spiritual health involves believing in something greater than ourselves, which moves us toward a sense of wholeness. Spiritual health provides hope, courage, enthusiasm, contentment and reflection. There is overwhelming evidence that those who have a strong spiritual base are better able to manage the ups and downs of life. Spiritually healthy people are forgiving – they “live and let live.”

Energy Balancing Guidelines

  • Expect change; it is the only constant in life.
  • You cannot always control what happens to you in life, but you can control your reactions to what happens.
  • Physical and mental health go “hand in hand”. Exercise both your mind and body daily.
  • There are two broad categories of emotions: fear and love. Put more love and less fear into your life.
  • Practice forgiveness of yourself and others.
  • Stay open to new experiences, diverse people and life’s teachings.
  • It is more important to be at peace with yourself than to be right.
  • You are responsible for your own wellness. Accept and love yourself.

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