10 things you didn’t know: Penis Edition


istock_000022705789small10 Things You Didn’t Know About Penises

The Penis CAN Break

Believe it or not, even though the penis isn’t a bone, it can break. A “break” is most often called a “penile fracture” and can happen during rough sex or even vigorous masturbation. A penile fracture happens when the tough, fibrous tissue around the penis experiences sudden trauma, and a cracking sound is often heard – along with immediately losing the erection and a large bruise appearing very quickly. This condition requires immediate medical treatment.

Erections Can Be Random

Most of the time, an erection happens when the penis is either physically stimulated or a man becomes psychologically aroused. However, erections can be completely random and can happen when a man is being neither physically or psychologically stimulated sexually. As embarrassing as it is, a man can have an erection at the most inopportune times, such as at a funeral. The next time your man pops a boner, it may not be because the hot girl you thought he was looking at – it might be “just because!”

The Average Penis Size Is Actually Quite Small

Men are obsessed with their penis size – they usually think that theirs is too small, or much smaller than the general populations. The truth is, the average size is just 5-6″ in length! While many men may think that they can’t please a woman with a 5″ penis, the reality is that they can – and the majority of men do! Large penises are actually fairly rare, and size really isn’t that big a deal to a woman. The man who holds the record for the largest penis (over 13″) lives at home with his mother – so really, size doesn’t matter.

The Way It Looks Is Not Genetic

A man may think that he passes on the size of his penis and the way it looks to his sons, but the way it looks and even how long or wide it is has nothing to do with the way his father’s looks. A man’s penis is formed within the womb, when the body begins turning an androgynous fetus into either a boy or girl. Similarly, the way a woman’s vagina looks has nothing to do with the way her mother’s looked either.

Most Men Do Not Need Large Sized Condoms

Because the average penis size is about 5 to 6 inches, most men do not need large or “Magnum” sized condoms. However, many men buy large condoms because they either want to think they have a bigger one or they want their partner to believe that they do because they brought extra large condoms to bed. The truth is, the far majority of men can fit just fine in a regular sized condom and if they do, they should use it. Using a condom that is too large can cause it to slip off, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of STD’s.

He’s Not Lying About “Blue Balls”

Most women think that the excuse men give about having “blue balls” if she doesn’t have sex with him is false – he’s just trying to get a piece, right? Wrong. However, during foreplay and increased arousal, the prostate gland and the testicles become swollen with fluid. This causes anywhere from mild discomfort to acute pain. The release of these fluids during an orgasm will relieve the discomfort. So should you sleep with him just because he has blue balls? Of course not – unless you want to. Blue balls can also be relieved with an aspirin or just good old fashioned masturbation.

You Cannot Tell The Size Of A Man’s Penis By His Shoe – Or Hand – Size

Many men and women believe that if a man has large feet or large hands with long fingers, that he will also have a very large or long penis. This is not true! However, youcan predict the length of a man’s penis by looking at how tall he is. Men who are taller tend to have larger penises. Also, a study in 1999 proved that gay men actually have longer, thicker members than heterosexual men!

“Liquor Dick” Exists

If a man drinks too much, he may have trouble having an erection later that night. The same goes for illicit drug use. The more inebriated a man is, the more trouble he will have achieving an erection. If you’re planning a big date that you want to end in the bedroom with some really hot and wild sex, keep the drinks at a minimum.

Erect Penis Size Is Not Indicated By How Big It Is When It Is Not Erect

If a man has a small penis when he is not erect, many men and women think that this is an indicator that it won’t get a lot bigger when it becomes erect. Similarly, people also believe that if a man has a large member when it is flaccid that he will have a much larger penis when it is erect. The truth is, how large or small a man’s penis is when it is soft has absolutely no correlation on how big it will be when he has an erection. The average length of a flaccid one is about 3 inches, but some of these penises grow to be much larger when a man becomes sexually aroused. On the other hand, a member that is very large when it is flaccid may only gain a few centimeters when it becomes erect.

Most Men Are Uncircumcised (But Not In The U.S.)

Circumcision is still routinely practiced in the United States, where about 60% of boys are circumcised at birth due to religious and personal reasons. However, most men in the world remain uncircumcised – in fact, the rate of circumcision around the world is only 10-15%. If you meet a really hot foreign guy and end up in bed together, don’t be surprised if he’s uncut. American women think that being circumcised is the norm (and may even be a little unnerved about having sex with a man who hasn’t been circumcised), but in reality, the majority of men around the world haven’t been snipped or clipped.

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