Super Sexual Orgasm


Okay, So I am reading and I come across this article called the Super Sexual orgasm.  I know. Sounds too good to be true. but I continue further. So in the vaginal cavity there exists a bundle of nerve endings that are so rich even the slightest touch can send a woman into orgasmic bliss…. (Yeah I am definitely intrigued by this point).  These Nerve endings are located…. wait for it…. in the back of the vagina beyond the cervix under the uterus. Talk about anti-climatic. So apparently this deep vaginal orgasm that she is talking about is the same vaginal orgasm I have been experiencing basically my entire life.


Despite teasing me with this content, she does go on to talk more about sexual exercises (Yes we are talking about Kegels ladies) And it is an interesting article.


So far I learned that :

  • Clitoral and vaginal orgasms may produce different effects inside the body. Well this I already knew… come on I am a woman.  I think most women know that.
  • Stimulation of the clitoris causes the vagina to become longer. It also causes a pocket to be formed beneath the uterus. The indentation it creates looks much like a tent or a balloon. This is new to me.  But it does make sense. As the body prepares for penetration its natural to elongate the vaginal cavity to accommodate the partner that you are about to experience.
  • Stimulation of the vagina or G-spot makes the uterus drop lower. This shortens the vagina. This I didn’t know either. But again this is probably to help the vaginal cavity to conform to the partner to create that snug fit.  It also makes sense because after being stimulated for a while the vagina shrinks to fit that partner.


I think this information is very valuable to sexual partners who want to create an unforgettable experience for their partner.  It is worth it to look further into understanding the anatomy of both sexes not just the female.  Ultimately the article gave great information on the fact that 20 years ago doctors were pretty clue less about sexual dysfunction and ultimately referred you to a therapist.  Now a days they know a little more but when it comes down to it, a lot still needs to be learned.  That’s where you’re resident sexperts come into play.  We are here to help you navigate that rocky waters of love and sex to be come better partners to yourselves and others.

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