To be Gay or Not

541257_408928405802591_235812943114139_1448558_1182557025_nI am on twitter and I am reading this conversation from my follower and it sparks an interest in me. The top of conversation is the socialization of sexual orientation.  Most people believe that if a man is gay, that his father has some how failed to teach him how to be a man.

If this logic held true, then is it that women who are lesbian have mothers who failed to teach them how to be a woman? Do bisexuals just have bad parents all together?  Think about it for a moment.  Many people sincerely follow this logic believing that sexual orientation is a socialized concept like people learn to be gay, straight, lesbian, transgendered, etc. from their parents when this is not the case.


It is my position that sexual orientation is NOT a product of socialization but one of biological disposition. But then if it is truly a function of biology people then would seek to understand where the “bad genes” are so that they may be eradicated from the gene pool.  This again leads people to marginalize being different. Treating people who are differently because of their sexual orientation is no different than treating people differently because of their eye color or the color of their skin.  It in many cases is not a choice and it can’t be changed.  They truly are born that way.


Being gay, effeminate, transsexual, or whatever is not a failure.  It is not a reflection of bad parenting. It is not a reflection of a lack of influence of one parent or the other. It is not a socialized concept.  It is a reflection of people being able to finally come to terms with their sexuality and accept themselves for who they are.  Its time that we as a society accept people for their differences no matter the differences as long as they are not infringing on the rights of others to live a happy, free life. Ultimately, who is any one of us to judge?

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