War on Sex?


In light of the 2012 election, the Republican party has taken the stance that they are going to start a war on sex.  They have (IMHO) taken the focus off the real issues and placed gay marriage, sex education, and reproductive rights in the fore front of people minds as important issues to debate.  While all of these are controversial this “war” has had some interesting aftermath.  Importantly people are not aware of the legislation that is being passed around the country that affects different states and the way that people are allowed to interact with one another.



  • Passed a law stating that life begins at the beginning of a woman’s last menstrual cycle.
    • Now to people who are not pregnant this makes no sense.  This law technically states that zygote that has not even implanted into a woman’s uterus is a life.  Women who take the morning after pill are now committing abortions in the privacy of their own home.  There is no guarantee that every egg that is released is going to yield a pregnancy so how can you call that a “life”.  I think that this law needs some serious refining.


  • Senate passed a bill that defines hand holding as a gateway sexual activity
    • This has to be one of the most absurd things that I have heard personally.  According to sources, people who demonstrate this activity can be sued by the school.  This also requires that teachers instruct and teach that hand holding should be defined as a gateway sexual activity and only abstinence education is going to be taught along with creationism.


  • New Law Mandates that sex education be taught in schools
    • This two year old law is facing lots of controversy. Basically, it requires that in schools where there are human growth and development curriculum being taught, that contraception options be taught as well.  Apparently opponents believe that this is forcing sex education to students whose parents do not feel that it is appropriate.


In Maryland and DC area, schools are required to provide sex education inclusive of information about HIV/AIDS and STDs.  The method of education is not described according to laws. Comparatively to other developed countries, U.S. has higher STD and teenage pregnancy rates but overall it is the law in many states that abstinence only education be the standard instead of comprehensive or abstinence plus education.  Other countries, have adopted a more comprehensive stance on sex education, why must this country lag behind?

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