FF #011:”I’m Yours”: BDSM and the Art of Erotic Slavehood

bdsm_cuffsMaybe you have read 50 Shades of Grey or the Story of O. Maybe you are a casual kinkster or hardcore BDSMer.  Maybe you are a newbie wondering about kink lifestyles and BDSM or a veteran of 10+ years. Either way, this podcast is for you, just a peek into the lives of three very different, self-identified slaves who engage in the art of an erotic, total power exchange.  These three women have taken the time to share with Fantasies Fulfilled what it is like to be black and kinky. Come join us as we take the time to discuss what its like to be on the other side of the leash.


Nicole is a self employed writer and consultant. Her alternative lifestyle experience dates back to 2005 although at the time she did not consider herself a “lifestyler”. She currently spends her time building her own brand under the umbrella: Vizionz from the Bottom. She maintains: a website, a radio show and a social media experience all sharing that name & title. Her handle is bottom bitch, the name affectionately given to her by her Master. She is currently in a 24/7 TPE relationship where she identifies as slave.

Innocence, a polyamorous heterosexual 24/7, is a newly collared girl after being in connection with her Master for about a year.  She’s been in the BDSM lifestyle for about 3 years and finds joy and peace in service and has been identifying as a slave for about a year.  She felt that it was satisfied all of her needs as she needed someone to have constant input and control over her life, she needed a total power exchange.  In addition to identifying as a slave, she also identifies as a little one who’s age falls somewhere around 13.  She loves cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of her Master’s every whim.   Her hobbies include reading, music to include playing the piano and watching cartoons her favorite of which are the Looney Tunes and the Powerpuff Girls.  She is also is an amateur writer of BDSM fiction and hopes to someday be published in the future.

Biography is forthcoming.



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