FF #013: Convention of Tits and Dicks

Convention of Tits and Dicks: Commission to Review Social and Sexual Etiquette

Is chivalry dead, and should it still be expected by women?
When is it appropriate to have sexual relations when dating someone?
Is casual sex detrimental to long term relationship success?
Is there a difference between a “freak” and a “hoe”?

Men and women of all sexualities are coming together to review social and sexual etiquette between people. On Fantasies Fulfilled, Autumn and Strawberri will be interviewing six panelists from a diverse set of disciplines and lifestyles. From swinging to BDSM, from alternative lifestyles to erotica and pornography, panelists will have discussions on what is socially and sexually acceptable and responsible in regards to standards on sex, relationships, and lifestyles. Not only will discussions include the academic and intellectual point of view but also the every day realism that is the topics that many listeners seek. The above four questions are just some of the things that could be reviewed by the panelists. If you have questions that you think are important to discuss leave a comment or email Autumn@SensualitybyAutumn.com.

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