NaNoWriMo 2012

You have this great idea for a book. People would flock to the shelves to read it. Guaranteed “New York Times” best seller, you say.  But you can’t get past page one.  You put in the desk to revisit it. But when becomes the question. That’s where NaNoWriMo (Nano) comes in.
nano_12_winner_detailNational Novel Writing Month is sponsored by Office of Letters and Light.  For thirty days, people across the globe commit to writing a fifty thousand word novel.  As a writer, Nano is a great way to finish an idea that was started. For even the best of writers, it can be hard to move forward past the first 250 words of a novel.  Come this November, it has gotten that much easier.  As a follow up to National Book Month in October, what better way to show one’s love and appreciation for the written word than by writing something.  Even if it’s bad, at the end, you can say you wrote a novel.

Congrats, novelist.

30 days.

50,000 words.

One you.

Make it happen!

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