Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Awakening” by Shakir Rashaan

“What goes on in the Palace, stays in the Palace…”

The Awakening: Book One of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld is a journey inside Atlanta’s African-American Fetish community, and the ties that bind the principle players of this exciting new series. With its twists and turns and surprises along the way, it is sure to become an “awakening” for any who dare to journey to the “Dark side.”

Okay, now that we got the promotional synopsis out of the way, here’s the dirt. O….M….G Shakir Rashaan is an AMAZING author. I could not put it down. Now granted, there were some slow moments, which as an author are a necessary evil even in action packed books, but the book is definitely a page turner. It puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame. Anyone who is interested in kink should definitely give this book a try. It provides a fantasy but realistic view of things that actually happen in the “Nubian underworld.”

The entire time, I felt as if I was sitting and talking directly to Ramesses and Nefertiti. There is definitely a personable aspect to it. Either the author took a page from his own life story or he has definitely done his research. (From the afterward, I learned that some of it was directly from his life story.) I look forward to reading book two. With less than 5 areas where it may have had grammatical errors (I could have been reading the sentence wrong) in the entire novel of ~70,000 words, that’s over 99.99999% perfection!

Hands down: Five Leaves rating!


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  1. After that review will have to check this out.

  2. Loved the review. Going to have to get the book.

  3. Great review.

  4. Awesome review!

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