The Art of Sexting

Her: You know I want you intimately, sexually, intellectually, and yet you deny me.
Him: Me? I’d NEVER deny u!
Her: You deny my delicate folds the pleasure of feeling you penetrate their velvet walls
Him: Mmmmmm just slowly open them to me ….very slowly spread them..
Him: I wanna see marvel touch and taste EVERY part of u ….before I penetrate your entire being
Her: Feeling your hands tenderly cares my thighs. My panties melting off my body. Take me. Te necesito, Papi.

sexting-300x225A carefully worded text message of sexual, erotic, and sometimes explicit content. Who hasn’t done it? It all about creating mental images for your partners about the wonderful things you plan on doing to him or her later.  Mental stimulation from non traditional means like sexting, cyber chatting, etc. can be a powerful way to reconnect to your partner especially when the relationship has to exist at a distance.  Before engaging in this kind of endeavor, here are a few tips or tricks:

  • Don’t keep repeating the same phrase over and over. Be creative
  • Be as descriptive as possible when describing actions. “I’m going to carefully unhook your bra one by one with my teeth” sounds much better than “I’m going to remove your bra”
  • Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Most people (male and female) like their partner to be aggressive from time to time.
  • Feel free to tease.  In this instance, the buildup is more than half the battle
  • Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay! It cannot be stressed enough!
  • Feel free to explore fantasies, test the waters, it’s just a tease.
  • Always double check your recipient number. You do not want to be sexting your mother.

There are no guarantees that this will work, but its worth a try. Every person is different and this just may spice up your sex life.

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