Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Cyberkink Sideshow” by Ophidia Cox

The Cyberkink Sideshow
Witness for yourself the most depraved exhibition of human sexuality ever permitted on tour.

The Cyberkink Sideshow has come to town, and not everyone is prepared to tolerate it on their home turf. After receiving reports of electronic contraband being smuggled in by the sideshow, Constable Sylvia Price goes undercover to investigate. Once part of the sideshow, she finds herself drawn in to a wild and kinky relationship with vivacious and voluptuous ringmaster, Victor Maynard.

But as events unfold, it’s apparent that someone is trying to frame Victor and the sideshow. Will Sylvia be able to solve the mystery before the show is ruined?

Okay, now that we got the promotional synopsis out of the way, here’s the dirt. This is a great novel! I definitely wasn’t completely enthralled from page one but once you get past the first few scenes, You won’t be able to put it down. Cox writes a differnt type of crime, drama, romance, mysterious, BDSM-based, kinky novel. It has many elements of different types of novels that I feel like its a little something for everyone. I am a lover of all things kinky so I definitely would support this novel. It’s definitely no 50 shades, its way better. Kudos Cox, kudos. For MY bookshelf, I definitely give this a Five Leaves rating.


CLICK HERE to purchase this novel from Lyrical Press.

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