Autumn’s Bookshelf: Exclusive “22” By Rae Lamar


“Having suffered the loss of her fiancé, cushy job and luxury Midtown Atlanta condo at the height of the U.S. recession, Nina Drake packed up and left the ruins behind to start anew in sunny South Florida.

With no life and no friends, Nina settles in and resigns herself to the simple existence of a gift shop attendant where she passively observes the scores of colorful clientele living in the five-star resort where she works. In spite of Nina’s aversion to his sordid past, Dean Whitmore is determined to make her believe that his intentions are as real as their instant connection. And the fact that he only has a few weeks to prove it to her before life leads them in different directions just makes the challenge that much more appealing…”

Okay now that we have the promotional synopsis out of the way, lets get to the dirt.

I was skeptical. I admit. I reviewed the synopsis I thought this is another Terry McMillan spin off or something to that effect. I was definitely impressed. Not only with the plot but writing of the book. It was written very skillfully, and there was only a smidge of a lag. It was a page turner for sure up until right before the end. The pacing slowed but with only 40 pages left; however, it was very easy to finish. I did note one error to the Author, but in over 200 pages, to have one word be misspelled is still publish perfection. I was more than eager to continue reading this book all the way through the ending. I am impressed with the premise of the book; I enjoyed the way it’s written formatting wise. I thoroughly loved the ending, and I was subsequently glad I read it in its entirety. For this book I gladly offer her Five Leaves.


“True love has no timeline….”



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  1. Good review.

  2. Great review. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

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