Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Journal of an Intelsexual” by ForbiddenLight

journals of an intelsexualFor reasons I’ve yet to discover, I need you.
I’m aroused on some inexplicable level, just to be in your company.
Awkward. Creepy. Kinky.
This is for the men who are slaying immortal appetites before the kids are out of school.
This is for the men who are performing their lifelong fantasies during lunch break.
This is for the men, twisted from being pinched between two lives.
I need you.
I am you.
Forbidden Light

It begins seemingly harmless. Much like a personal story, a journey of sorts about a man struggling with his duality between the carnality of his flesh and the conservativism of his spirituality. He finds himself in a war. A war fought on a different battlfield, the mind. “Journal of an Intelsexual” is a book like no other. Not a novel; it is somewhat of a memoir. It is a collection of stories and poems about the life and journey of a man struggling with the double mindedness of being brought up in a Christian home but finding himself in a personal war between spirit and flesh. I love way its written. different from others I have recently read he writes eloquently and yet sightly mystically just enough to intrigue without confounding the reader. If you are looking for a surprisingly poignant and introspective look on the human condition then I suggest looking no further.

Hands down this book gets Five Autumn Leaves


The book officially goes on sale on March 18th. HOWEVER, I highly suggest you reserve your copy now through presales offered at His Blog, Journals of an Intelsexual and click the ADD TO CART link on the right. For more information you can always contact Forbidden Light using the features located on the blog. OR you can listen to him in the Fantasies Fulfilled podcast archives: Bisexuality is it just a phase and as a featured panelist on the Convention of Tits and Dicks.

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