Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Rock” By the Black

“Shemya Air Force Base: It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”


The Black writes a touching love story of two commissioned military personnel stationed in Alaska. For a romance story, I found it cute, affectionate and warm. As an erotic story it seems to lack sizzle. Maybe that was my perspective but I thought there might be more to the intimate scenes; however, I have since learned that this is one of his more tamer pieces.

The story as a whole is a rather quick read novella. It is easy to read, and I can appreciate the point of view of the narrator. The book reads closer to a personal diary format which accounts much for the large lapses in time, but it does leave me wanting to know more about what happened for Craig and Collie after Shemya. I know the goal of the writer is to leave the reader wanting more, but it felt unfinished. It was a good book, but I felt it could be a great book.

Overall, the Black does write a heart warming love story that should grace the walls of any romance reader’s collection. I laughed, I smiled, I wanted more. Kudos for giving me that, Mr. Black.

I give it Four Autumn Leaves


This book is an Autumn Bookshelf Exclusive not currently available in stores. For more books by The Black: Visit Amazon or his personal blog.

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