Autumn’s Bookshelf: “A Perfect Fit” by Tory Richards

I kept waiting for it to get better…download (1)

It didn’t.  I believe that great writing begins in the first few pages of a story.  In the first few pages of this story, I was just bored.  I wasn’t looking forward to continuing to read the rest of the novella. The beginning was a bit original, a model who hires a bodyguard for protection, but after that beginning the story kind of went downhill.  There was no spark between the two main characters.   I was waiting for something to happen but nothing really did. The writing overall lacked something.  If the book didn’t have sex scenes in it I would assume the target audience was younger.  The descriptions seemed to target a younger crowd.  I think that it could have been better if expanded. Maybe if the story was longer, and the characters were more developed, the plot could have gotten better. I didn’t feel a conflict to the story. There was no incentive for me to finish other than I had started.  I give this book Three Leaves.  It could be better.  But as is, I don’t recommend it.



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