Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Up in Flames” by Tory Richards

up in flamesSome stories move to tears. Other stories move you to close the book.  While not quite either, Up in Flames just didn’t move me.  I was unimpressed with much of the premise behind the book.  Maybe my expectations are too high for erotic romance authors; however, this book left a lot more to be desired.  The writing was average.  The writer wrote a good story but the story did not tell me anything about the characters. The book felt dry and not really capturing some of the things that I felt it could have.  For example, I felt that the conversation between the two main characters was predictable and I could anticipate where it was going before it went there.  Overall, I don’t recommend the book as is.  I feel like it has a good premise. With better character building (even for a short story) and some more sentence variety, it could have a great short story for an anthology.

Some may like it, I was not one of them. I give the book Three Autumn Leaves.


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