Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Redemptive Acts” by Nikki Walker

316448380005941427_1382208035Cherise was a shy, promising college student until something traumatic happened. In one instant she found herself in a compromising situation and face to face with her attacker. When it seemed like she couldn’t trust anyone else, she found help in the unlikeliest of sources. Redemptive Acts is a story that is as beautiful as it is heart wrenching.


The story unfolded for me a bit too quickly. The book itself was separated into two parts. There were no glaring loopholes or plot holes that needed to be fixed, but there were times I felts the story could have used more embellishment. I found the characters to be true to face. They were believable and very realistic. This is not a Cinderella tale of someone who was lost and found but a story of two people who use each other to redeem a piece of themselves life had taken away. I think that most people can find something relatable in the story. The main characters have a natural attraction that leaps off the page. The romantic attraction is palpable. Even in their uncertainty, the tension can be felt by the reader. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Where most writers lack is making their writing flow. Walker does not have this problem. There is a natural progression from one scene to the next in the books. There are a few grammatical errors and some places where the characters POV switches but this is overall less than 5% of the book.  The book will elicit emotion, be prepared. How it affects the reader is very different. Overall I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels. It’s heartwarming and very endearing. I gave this book Four Leaves  because its good but it didn’t grasp me as something I NEEDED to have on my book shelf.  I am happy it’s there and still will happily read it again.4rating

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