Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Elle” by the Black

12803387Gabrielle Archer was a powerhouse woman. She was a successful realtor. She owned her own company. She was perfectly happy with her life as it was. Until she met Simon Bishop. Through a series of events she learned that life can be great when one is willing to go beyond her comfort zone.


The story was developed through a series of months.  It flowed rather nicely. The questions that were generally posed in the beginning were resolved in the end.  I found the characters true to form.  There was not much out of the ordinary about them.  They were realistically drawn by the author. As a practitioner of kink, it was clear to me that the author was familiar with the D/s (Domination/submission) lifestyle.  The relationship between Elle and Simon seemed to be true to an actual Dom/sub relationship that I have seen in every day practices.


I appreciated the references to seemingly real world events and places to help orient the story. It created a portrait in my head that helped to anchor the story for me.  (Now this may not be true for all readers. I happen to have previous knowledge of some of the cities mentioned.)  I appreciated the romantic development between the characters however for me I would have appreciated some conflict. Something that enticed me to want to read more about the characters. There was continuous development but it felt like it was missing some of the dramatics of other books.


The writing was very well done. There were a few words that were over used and some grammatical errors but overall, it appeared to be publication quality. I would definitely put this on my bookshelf a something I am glad that I have read, but I can’t say that this is quite a bookshelf must have.  I give it Four Leaves.  I did love it.4rating

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