Autumn’s Bookshelf: “The Ultimate Merger” by Delaney Diamond

2696c2800783f48bd0743102a07053b2The story was sweet, endearing, and lovely.  I found the book brief but to the point.  It left me wanting to read more and wanting to know what is next for the two main characters.  The plot was developed well and there were no glaring loopholes or gaps that needed to be fixed.  The characters were very believable and I liked them.  While I didn’t have a lot in common with them, I could still relate to them.


The romantic development between the two characters felt a bit rushed, but then what relationship is really perfect.  The book overall made me want to read it again and I wished there was more to the story (Thankfully, there is and I can’t wait to read that).  I enjoyed the dialogue and loved the language used in the book.  I didn’t see any glaring errors or any grammatical mistakes that needed to be fixed. I appreciated the end where the book tied into the next saga in the story.


The writing was very clear and fluid.  I enjoyed the descriptions. They weren’t repetitive or glossy.  The sex scene was four alarm sexy hot.  I loved it.  The fluidity of the prose and writing helped the story to flow from one scene to the next.


Overall, I give this book Four Leaves rating definitely a must read for romance enthusiasts.  For me, it wasn’t a page turner, I would have liked to see more conflict between the characters and a bit more development and complexity but I think we will see that in the next book.4rating

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