Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Maybe, Never” by Nia Forrester

297730294054682451_1361464087Tracy didn’t plan for her life to go the way that it did. She didn’t intend for things to come to that point, but when faced with an incredibly difficult situation, she had to ask herself who does she love more?


The plot to Maybe, Never is thoroughly developed. It is a sequel to the book Unsuitable Men by the same author.  All the questions concerning the relationship of the two main characters, Tracy and Brendan, generally were resolved. As a reader, I didn’t feel that I was missing anything. I didn’t feel incomplete.  As far as the character development, I didn’t care for the way that Tracy and Brendan are developed. I didn’t feel like their actions were always realistic.  I understand that fiction is just that fiction, however in some instances their actions seemed to lack a certain authenticity to them. I did however like how some of Tracy’s eccentricities pointed out the unrealistic expectations that women can place on their potential romantic partner.  That was an accurate portrayal of real life situations.  I did come to like the characters overall.  I couldn’t always relate to them but I could understand and empathize to their situation.


Romantically, there was good pacing in the relationship. Forrester chose a situation that many people can relate to from personal experience or knowledge of others’ situations, unplanned pregnancy.  While this was also the conflict of the story, it drove the plot forward to create the desired ending for the readers.  The author used real world parallels to build the characters’ universe.  Set in New York, she was able to replicate the fast pace lifestyle of the entertainment industry.


Overall, the pacing of the book was appropriate. I gave it Four Leaves. It was fast in some areas and slow in others. It read moderately evenly.  It is something that I could easily read again.  I think that this book hits home with romantic readers.  Those who love a heartwarming happy ending would like this book.  I would recommend this book to those who are looking for an easy reading novel that is good fireplace reading.  This is definitely a book to read on a cold, rainy day under a blanket by the fire.  While this was my first piece with Forrester, I look forward to reading more. I would recommend reading Unsuitable Men first as certain things will make more sense; however, it is not required, and the reader can generally make appropriate inferences without it.


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