Kama Sutra vs Tantra: What’s the Difference?


Often times I get asked, “what is the difference between kama sutra and tantra“. Quite honestly, that is a good question. Given the portrayal of them both in popular culture, it can be difficult to see the differences between them. They both involve some eastern philosophical approaches to sex and sexuality. They both are spiritual in nature of some sort. But the two are very different in practice. But how do they differ. Well let’s find out.couple-practicing-tantra-yoga-22400979

Kama Sutra is an old eastern philosophy that goes into the details of different positions that increase the chances of the woman to enjoy sex. Their book shows the details of each position. Kama sutra is more about the positions of sex and sexuality designed to facilitate enjoyment by both partners. “Sutra” itself means a collection. “Kama” pertains to sexual desires. More importantly it focuses on the superficial aesthetic enjoyment of sex.

Tantra is mid eastern that is more into the chakras or seven broad areas of the body that all of emotion and feelings go through. Tantra is a sacred spiritual sexual practice that involves more than just the physical but understanding the mental and emotional components that make up our sexual natures. In Tantra one learns how to please someone else through ways that are not focused on pure sexual pleasure but intimate connection. The Focus of tantra is NOT the orgasm but the connection between oneself, his or her partner, and the cosmos. Tantra is used as a guide to help people become more self aware and often used as a sacred spiritual practice by many Buddhists.

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