Autumn’s Bookshelf: “Sugar Daddy” by Jon Bradbury

Sugar-Daddy-cover-artSimone White was just an average woman trying to make it in this economy.  When she was down on her luck and trying to find a way to continue to support herself, she came across an interesting job opportunity.  Sugar Daddy takes us on the journey as Simone finds out more about herself and her desires.


The plot was developed at a decent pace. However, some of the questions raised were not completely answered.  The characters were likable and they were very amiable people.  They come off as realistic and believable.


The overall speed of the story seems a bit slow and somewhat unfinished. I liked the direction that it was headed and the author had a good story arc going but I felt disappointed by the ending.  I wanted to read more.  Maybe that was his intent to have me come back for a second book; however, I don’t feel that it is a great stand alone.


I was pulled into Simone’s current situation and how she felt about her job choices.  While I don’t have experience as an escort, I could relate to how as a woman she felt about becoming one.  The book made me sympathetic to those who feel that they have to live that lifestyle but also made me hopeful that Simone was able to find something that she enjoyed doing, being in the company of someone powerful.


The story’s setting was very realistic. I appreciated the authenticity of how he portrayed the world in which the characters lived in.  I do not suggest this book for anyone who is not interested in interracial romance nor someone who has problems with women as professional escorts.


I would recommend this book over all. I do give it Three Leaves rating.  I think that as an impression, I would edit it some more and flesh out the plot; that would take this book from a good book to something great.3rating

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