Autumn’s Bookshelf: “the Blind Date” by Delaney Diamond

downloadThe Blind Date is a bit of a whirl wind romance with a twist. Shawna Ferguson engages in a blind date that takes her down a path to an unknown ending. Overall, the plot was developed well. As a reader, I did not find myself lacking information as far as any glaring loopholes as to why things were presented in the manner that they were.  All of the questions that were raised by the book were resolved in the beginning.


As far as the characters, Shawna Ferguson presents herself as the archetypal strong, independent black woman who probably feels that she doesn’t need a man but secretly longs for one. It was refreshing to see that as the story developed she didn’t seem to lose her faculties or her personality and off of a sudden become this dim-witted, ditzy school girl. Yes, she was falling for someone, but it doesn’t make her stupid. As a woman I could relate to that.  Love doesn’t always make one stupid even if it can make one blind to the other’s faults.


The characters romantic development was in line with the pace of the story fast at some parts and slower in others. It was characteristic of a traditional romance. The setting of the book wasn’t as prominent in the story as the characters.  There were two main places Atlanta and Chicago that were mentioned.  The importance of the locations were more because of the events that took place more than the actual locations themselves.  However, they fit well with the story.  Slow in some areas and fast paced in others.


The book overall made me laugh, it made me smile; I would definitely read it again. I found myself coming to care for the characters as if they were a part of me.  I was happy for the ending it was a well-deserved conclusion to a loving story that can hit home with the books target audience. I give it a Four Leaves rating. Overall this is my second read of a Delaney Diamond book and I look forward to reading more.


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