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“Fuck me like the whore I will be, choke me like the slut I can be, spank me like the bitch I want to be, worship me like the Goddess I am.”

~Autumn Forrester-Light

Sensuality by Autumn as a means to unlock the world of sexuality for many people who are still held captive. Birthed from the mentality that sex is sensual, sacred, and spiritual act for anyone to undertake, Sensuality By Autumn was created to teach and reach people and share that philosophy with others. With a BA in Sociology and working on a MS in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis, this company is in the business of education. While pursuing dual certifications in sex education and sex therapy, we believe in Going beyond the text book and doing further research on the art of the sensual she became a fluent student of Tantric Buddhism and Kama Sutra as a means to teach people how to have more intimate relationships not only with others but also with themselves

Autumn is a young driven career minded woman who is definitely the inspiration of this business. She is proficient and knowledgeable in many areas of sexuality, relationships, and intimacy.  She is a avid practitioner of BDSM (bondage and discipline, Domination and submission, and Sadomasochism) and a Tantric Buddhist. She enjoys talking to like minded open people about all manners of the heart.  She is known for saying “the evolution will not be televised.” Meaning, that as we as people evolve there is a certain part of use that is not visible to the public. The internal growth and change that may not be visible until we are ready to emerge from our personal cocoons as beautiful butterflies.  Some of us are multicolored, some more plain but never the less, we are all beautiful in our own skins.  She manages her own adult novelty where she builds personalized packages in lingerie, adult novelty products, and BDSM gear.

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    • John on October 27, 2014 at 4:02 pm
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    Hi there. I just checked out your website. Are you located in Houston by any chance?

    Please let me know…thanks!


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