Tag: underapreciation

What to do… when you’ve been hurt

Relationships can get ugly. This series is about the underbelly that people don’t like to talk about. “What three words are more powerful than I love you? I forgive you.” Sometimes it takes the simple and the mundane to truly make you see life for what it is. I have been writing for over 15+ …

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Wanting More

Wanting More   I want more Is that so hard to ask? I want more I want more than I have I want more than welfare and food stamps More than living check to check I want more than I can give I want more than I can get I want more than life without …

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Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife   Thick thighs wide hips Piercing eyes full lips You only see with your eyes yet you don’t see the treasure that lies behind her eyes and not between her thighs   You are consumed with finding a prize some trophy wife someone to carry your strife be the pride of your life …

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