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Six Sentence Sunday 11/4 Edition

I’m not a pimp, per se… “Yeah, Freaky Niquey, what they call me,” she said. Time out. Flag on the play. What!? …But the title seems to have adopted me. Just a Friendly Excerpt from a New WIP: “But, I’m a Lesbian” #SixSentence Stay tuned for more excerpts each and every Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday 10/28 Edition

Slowly pressing Gabrielle’s body against the tree, she said, “You’re breathing really fast.” “I know.” “Are you scared?” “No.” “So your completely calm right now?” “I never said that.” Stay tuned for more excerpts from Unearthing Desire. #SixSentenceSunday

Six Sentence Sunday 10/21 Edition

A rebel-with-a-cause. The antithesis of her being. The editor-in-chief. Bane of her existence. Thorn in her side. There were so many phrases that Gabrielle wanted to use to describe her, but none did any justice short of majestic beauty.   Stay tuned for more excerpts from Unearthing Desire. #SixSentenceSunday

The Art of Sexting

Her: You know I want you intimately, sexually, intellectually, and yet you deny me. Him: Me? I’d NEVER deny u! Her: You deny my delicate folds the pleasure of feeling you penetrate their velvet walls Him: Mmmmmm just slowly open them to me ….very slowly spread them.. Him: I wanna see marvel touch and taste …

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Six Sentence Sunday 10/14 Edition

Pause. Gabrielle had to think for a moment.  This was a woman not a man.  A female. A feminine species of human. These thoughts went against everything that Gabrielle as taught and knew to be right and moral. Stay tuned for more excerpts from Unearthing Desire. #SixSentenceSunday